About Us

The Black Hills Shootists was founded in 1998, by a group of 8 of us cowboys. We reckon this made us the very first Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club in South Dakota!

We started shooting at the Spearfish Gun Club that winter and continued to use this cowboy camp for 2 years. After that time, we reckoned we needed a home, a place where we could hang our spurs and set up our stages forever-like. We found the Pringle Shooting Range near Custer, SD would fit us better than an old pair of boots. And so after a little blood, sweat, and a few tears we made our range into the finest Cowboy Action Shooting facility this side of the Rockies.

We have ten permanent stages and provisions for those fellas who shoot Ole Betsy out to 200 paces. We have an active membership of 50 ladies and gents and are always looking for new buckaroos to join our ranks.  We drift back prior to 1900 and our dress and firearms reflect it. This is a great game and anyone interested in shooting sports and the history of the Old West should check it out.  Every September we host the Dakota Territory Gold Rush Invitational Cowboy Action Shoot, and in March we hold our Cowboy Social. We also participate in Calvary Days in Sturgis, SD.

Feel free to hang up your hat, and stick around a while. We've gathered a ten gallon hat full of information and fun stuff. We invite you to take a look at the rest of the site, and we hope you decide to join our family of Cowboy shooters.

SD Shooting Sports 

Train Robberies

Imagine yourself immersed in the staggering beauty of the Black Hills of Western South Dakota! Imagine you're gliding over the rugged landscape aboard a vintage steam train, like those that helped settle the Great American West!Located near Mt. Rushmore National Monument and Crazy Horse Memorial, the locomotive offers a western experience like no other. Feel the power. Hear the bellow of the engine and the whine of the whistle as it winds its way through the scenic hills between Hill City and Keystone... and back again.Black Hills Shootists has partnered with the 1880 Train to provide riders with a first hand account of a train robbery!They have worked together for several years, and each year they develop a wonderfully entertaining show. Black Hills Shootists coordinate several dates and times for this unique and fun filled event. Take a look at the 1880 Train website for this years event schedule!Here are a few photos the members have taken over the years

Where to find us

Caroll Creed Rd. is the first road to the right after Sanitor which is also known as State Correction for Youth. Follow Caroll Creek Rd. approximately 6 miles. the range is on the right side of the road.  When we have a shoot, a sign will mark the range.

Calvary Days

The Annual Cavalry Days event is in the planning stages now!

Visit Sturgis for a variety of activities, a parade, bank robbery, Art Show, Fashion Show, re-enactments, wagon rides, competitions and tours are just a few of the activities.

Come check out what is new this year as we enjoy our Annual Cavalry Days celebration! We have a full schedule events at Fort Meade and in Sturgis! Events are planned to entertain the young and old while reliving the days of the cavalry and the settlers. Join us for the festivities at Fort Meade one-mile east of Sturgis, SD on Highway 34 for the real life encampments and reenactments.

Saturday events get underway with tours at the Fort Meade Museum and Poker Alice House. The Art Show and Vintage Fashion Show will be held in town on Saturday. Step back in time with the most fashionable outfits of "The Day". Narrated tours of Fort Meade will be provided. Plenty of activity will take place at Barry Stadium, including Blacksmith demonstrations, Native American Living History Encampment, children's games and buildings sat up as a mock frontier town.

We will have period authentic and non-period authentic vendors for you to shop with.

Partake in the: 

  • Pony Express Competition
  • Annie Tallent Pie Baking Contest
  • Quick Draw Competition
  • and more!

Come and join us as we venture back in time! For more information stop in and visit the Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce located at 2040 Junction Ave, Sturgis, SD 57785, call (605)347-2556.  Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce

Calvary Days - History

Fort Meade was the only military post in the Black Hills during the region's frontier era. It has the distinction of out-lasting the 22 other posts established in what was Dakota Territory until 1889. Fort Meade was established in 1878 as a cavalry post for the 7th Cavalry, which for a time, was led by General George Armstrong Custer. Numerous cavalry/military units were stationed at Fort Meade through the years. These included a mounted black troop, a black infantry unit, the 88th Glider Infantry and many others.

For ten years, Fort Meade was the home of the famous horse, Comanche. This horse arrived at Fort Meade when retired with honors after having been found heavily wounded among the 7th Cavalry dead in at the Little Big Horn battleground. Comanche was the only living representative on the military side of this
famous battle. Fort Meade also has the distinction of being the birthplace of our national anthem. "The Star Spangled Banner" was first played on July 4, 1892 at the end of a concert presented by the regimental band.  Colonel Caleb H. Carlton was the commanding officer who first enforced the playing of this song at

retreat. It wasn't, however, until 1914 that President Woodrow Wilson signed an executive order declaring "The Star Spangled Banner" as the national anthem. Congress officially signed the bill making it the national anthem in 1931.  The Fort Meade Property was transferred to the Veterans Administration in 1944. The facility began as a neuropsychiatric hospital and later general medicine and surgery were added. In early 1967, the current hospital complex was completed.

South Dakota Bureau of Land Managment Website

News Archive.

Cowboy Social

Games start at 5:00 with supper being served at 7:00 and the auction will follow.

Don't forget the Social and Auction. It is always a good time you can also bring friends with you. Our neighbor likes to come to see the outfits everyone has to wear.

Don't be afraid to ask a neighbor or friend to come along the more we have the more fun we have. Remember you don't have to be all dressed up for this.

The themes vary year to year and you may come either way with or without period clothes. (I don't believe Piedmont has a dress code.)

Also don't forget the auction items! We will take anything as long as it works. We take old photographs, holsters, extra leather items you may not use may be useful to someone else. Also, we take clothes that no longer fit if they are in good shape. So, as long as things are in working order we can use them for the Auction. Get to your contacts and get what you can get from them. If you need letters to present to them get a hold of Diane. Call 342-8946 she should be able to help you out.

Remember we have the games and prizes for each game so come early and see if you can win a prize!