SD Shooting Sports 

If you’re like most people your first reaction is: 

"Why should I join?”

SD Shooting Sports helped develop and pass the South Dakota Range Protection Act.  This landmark legislation was passed by the SD Legislature several years ago and has been instrumental in protecting South Dakota shooting ranges from law suits and closure threats.


Each year our Legislative Affairs Director, is in Pierre working to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.  We all need to support efforts like these which benefit our sport.  Your club’s membership can help us in this important work.

Single Annual Membership Dues$10
Single Life Membership Payment$100

Club Annual Membership Dues$15

Here are some other reasons to join:

  • SDSSA helps host local CMP and NRA sanctioned shooting matches.
  • SDSSA helps provide a single event calendar for local club events in the state.
  • SDSSA produces an informative newsletter for all our members.
  • SDSSA sends timely and informative "E-bullet" emails regarding important organization news, events, or legislative issues.
  • SDSSA is the only state organization affiliated with both the CMP and the NRA.
  • SDSSA has a comprehensive listing of state shooting/sportsmens clubs and their contact information