SD Shooting Sports 


SDSSA is the state affiliate of the National Rifle Association and serves as the state arm for the NRA. It is also affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. SDSSA is a non-profit organization of hunters, collectors, competitive shooters, and general firearms enthusiasts working together to promote and protect the interests of firearm owners across the state. Organized as the official state affiliate organization of the National Rifle Association, we represent the interests of the NRA within South Dakota.

We encourage, promote and sponsor State Championship competitions at all levels in several disciplines. We compile annual shooting schedules and match information and provide State Championships awards for all sanctioned championship matches.

We coordinate and encourage efforts of member clubs and individuals in the fields of marksmanship training, firearms safety and recreational shooting through programs such as:

  • Civilian Marksmanship Program
  • Eddie Eagle firearms education program
  • YHEC and other youth shooting programs

We sponsor and endorse wise firearms legislation at all levels of government, (city, county, state and national) and represent the interests of firearm owners within the state whenever legislative attempts are made to effect such ownership.

In Summary Our Goals Are...

  • to promote public safety, law and order, the national defense, and the encouragement of training and education of citizens in the safe and efficient handling of small arms.
  • to cooperate with all National Shooting Organizations in promoting and carrying out their activities.
  • to work with state and local law enforcement agencies in all efforts to improve training and proficiency in the use of small arms in the line of duty.
  • to encourage wise firearms legislation at all levels of government, and to act expediently against any such unnecessary or negative type actions.
  • to support competitive and recreational shooting in all areas of public activity, be it serious sport or casual activity.
  • to aid wildlife and sportsmen's organizations in the safe use of shooting equipment for hunting and recreational purposes; and to prevent the tolerance of unsportsmanlike conduct by individuals engaged in such activities
  • to sponsor State Championship shooting competitions and encourage other organizations to do the same.

Protect and Defend.

SDSSA Purpose

The purpose of SD Shooting Sports is to protect and defend the United States Constitution and the unalienable rights of American citizens to own, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes; to promote public safety, law and order, and the national defense, to educate and train citizens of good repute in the safe and efficient use of small arms; and to promote sportsmanship and wise use of natural and renewable wildlife resources.